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Mental Health and Social Care Recruitment

Finding the right member of staff can be challenging at the best of times. It can be time consuming and costly. Add on the pressures of the Healthcare Sector having more vacancies than candidates and its even harder.

Osa Healthcare Recruitment can help by using a variety of traditional and innovative methods to help find the perfect candidate for your team, quickly and efficiently.

We listen carefully to your requirements as well as understanding your ethos and values to ensure any potential employee ticks all the boxes.

Osa have a vast network of active candidates so we know just who is looking for a new role and who your ideal candidate will be.

We focus on finding permanent and fixed term contract employed staff as we understand the importance and benefit to patients in providing consistency and continuity to care with employed staff who you are able to invest in and develop.

Finding the right role for you.

Osa Healthcare believe great achievements and results begin with the right investment and support for Individuals. 

We will work closely with you to really understand what want out of a new job role. We will listen to your aspirations and dreams and work alongside you to explore opportunities and taking a proactive approach with potential employers on your behalf . This will allow you the time to dedicate yourself to professional development and patient care.

Our services include CV Writing and Re Writing, creating a timeline for progression and an invitation to our innovative Careerupdate portal where you can ensure we always have the most up to date details, let us know you are actively seeking a new role, make changes to requirements and store your CV.

Outsourced Recruitment

Health Care Assistants
Senior Health Care Assistants
Support Workers
Senior Support Workers

In an Industry driven by passion, it is expected and encouraged that those who apply for entry level positions will be looking to gain experience to assist with further/higher education such as nursing or will naturally move around as they look to gain more experience and seek opportunities for professional development. Both paths are hugely beneficial in securing a sustainable future in mental healthcare but can present problems for care providers who need to invest in continual recruitment.

Osa Healthcare Recruitment specialise in Fast Paced Recruitment using both traditional and innovative methods to ensure we provide candidates of the right calibre, who are passionate and committed.

Osa believe that by using our experience we are able to support long term recruitment strategies, reducing spend and reliance on costly agencies by providing enthusiastic and compliant staff.

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