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Registered Manager / RMN/RNLD - CAMHS London

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 Job Title:  Registered Manager  

 Location: Notting Hill Gate  

 Length/Type of Post: Permanent  

 Salary: 45,000-50,000 

 Hours: Full time 

Our client helps people struggling with addiction and mental health issues, including emotional problems, to get better and get their lives back through rehabilitation and life skills services.
All their facilities are regulated by the Care Quality Commission to work with and accept referrals from the adolescent age group of 16-17 olds.
They start with the person not a process and have a team of experts, which includes therapists, psychiatrists, nurses, doctors and nutritionists, to take a holistic approach to treatment, tailored to each individual. They use a mixture of treatments but group therapy is at the cornerstone of what they do. They believe an in-depth group therapy led approach, in a supportive, nurturing and respectful environment, gives the best possible chance of success for each individual.
Their addiction services extends beyond the period of residential stay as they continue to support clients through networks of former clients and their families who play an important part in long term recovery.
Their values that make their service so unique and wonderful are:
·Excellence – in our programmes, in our teams, in our approach
·Integrity – accountability, honesty & authenticity at the heart of all we do
·Respect – for each other & ourselves, honouring dignity, privacy & confidentiality
·Belief – in our clients, their families & each other, to overcome addiction & rebuild lives
Their promise to their service users is:
We will treat you with respect no matter your status, background or circumstances
We are not here to judge you or your past behaviours
We work on the basis of trust and will always have your best interests at heart
We have the difficult conversations, but in a safe, supportive environment
We are invested in your long-term success and recovery.


Within this role the post holder will:

  • Ensure high quality provision of CAMHS and work with the Principal Clinical Psychologist as required to ensure service delivery and service improvement.
  • Provide specialist assessment and evidence based interventions to young people between the ages of 16 -21 and their families, based on comprehensive psychological formulations.
  • Provide consultation, training and supervision to the staff team across Health, Care and Education in their provision of trauma focused, therapeutic parenting.
  • Work in collaboration with external agencies in the best interests of the young person with a focus on minimising risk and maximising emotional health and wellbeing, both while the young person is on site and in their transition back to community services.

Key Responsibilities

  • To engage in a skilled and empathic way and build effective working relationships with young people and families/ circles of support who often feel highly alienated and threatened by professionals and professional systems and agencies.
  • To carry a caseload of young people and their families presenting with a range of social, emotional, behavioural and neurodevelopmental difficulties in the context of complex trauma, substance misuse, self-harm and suicidality as well as other mental health related symptoms.
  • To undertake urgent risk assessment and provide the appropriate level of therapeutic and clinically effective intervention with young people and where possible their families.
  • To provide neurodevelopmental assessment with young people within the timescales required by NHS England.
  • To provide holistic assessments/formulations that can be used as a tool by young people, their families, the multi-agency team and outside agencies to develop and implement care plans that reduce risk and build on strengths using the Safer Homes model.
  • To support key workers and other members of the multi-agency team with the planning and implementation of evidence based direct work packages to suit the individual needs of a young person with complex needs and multiple risk issues.
  • To contribute directly to care plans and transition plans for young people so work is undertaken that helps children make measurable progress and reduces risk.
  • To communicate clearly and effectively through direct contributions to progress reports, giving a specific account of CAMHS work that has been completed and linked analysis of risk, so this can be considered when decisions are being made about whether CYP is in a position to live more independently.
  • To offer consultation to the multi- agency team regarding formulation based care planning with young people, that can include reviews of restraints or patterns of restraint, risk management plans or specific issues regarding the progress of young people’s care plans.
  • To liaise with locality CAMHS services to gather appropriate information from previous CAMHS interventions and work towards ensuring there is ongoing appropriate CAMHS treatment when young people return to the community in a more independent setting.
  • If young people are admitted to or from Tier 4 units, to liaise with these units and other agencies to manage effective transitions in respect to complex health, education and social care needs, including working with the team to help facilitate mental health act assessment if this required.
  • To offer consultation to professionals across a wide variety of agencies as it relates to the work of the CAMHS team and particularly to work closely with placing LA’s so that care plans reflect the needs of the young person over time and work is completed in partnership to find appropriate community placements and that good transition plans are made and implemented.

This job description is not exhaustive and may change as the post develops or changes to align with service needs.  Any such changes will be discussed directly between the post holder and their line manager.

Young People say…

“We would like the people who work for CAMHS to be understanding, patient and respectful. They should be trustworthy and make us feel safe and comfortable. It is important that they use their skills and experience to listen carefully in a non-patronising and non-judgemental way. When CAMHS staff are positive and friendly, they help to create an environment that is informal and without pressure”.

We expect all staff to actively seek the views of children, young people, parents and carers in a variety of ways and use this feedback to develop their own practice and support the development of the service as a whole. This aspect of the work will form part of the supervision and appraisal process help people struggling with addiction and mental health issues including emotional problems get better and get their lives back through our rehabilitation  and life skills services.


Type of candidate that we are looking for 

Core Values the person must embody 

Empathy/Understanding – Believes in an approach that requires  an understanding of needs from the perspective of the person their family and wider circle of support 

Respect – Respects the opinions and beliefs of the person and family and works to ensure they are represented, with a commitment to the principles of person -centred,  personalised care. 

 Positive and Solution focused - Has positive, solution focused  approach to ensuring the best outcomes for the person and their circle of support.  

Commitment – Commitment to ensuring the rights of  the person being supported are protected and  enforced and that their views and preferences, and those of their  families, are listened to. Tenacious in the pursuit of the appropriate  support and outcomes. 

Always learning – Commitment to personal learning and helping  the system learn and improve. 

Compassionate – To listen and respond to the needs to the child,  young person and their family with understanding and compassion 

Collaborative – Commitment to joined-up, collaborative working 

Active listener – Committed to fully concentrate, understand,  respond and then remember what is being said by the person and their families. 

The ability to prioritise the family and child or young person is at the  heart of this function and for this reason is addressed first.

Also essential  is the overarching core competency:

  • Effective communication
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability  to communicate clearly, sensitively and effectively with a range of professionals and teams; with children and young people; and with their  families and carers is an intrinsic part of the Keyworker function.
  • As is the ability to listen actively. 

Specific additional communication skills are also required, for example  mediation or facilitation skills for work with the family; inclusive and  creative approaches to communicating with young people with complex  needs; and the use of persuasive communication for work with networks  of professionals.  


Essential  Desirable 


  • Core qualification in e.g. Nursing, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology. 


  • Registration with the relevant body (e.g. NMC, HCPC, BACP) 


  • Evidence of Continued Professional Development since registration  


  • Experience of undertaking specialist mental health assessment and therapeutic interventions for CYP with a wide variety of mental health problems, reflecting all levels of clinical severity;  

including risk assessments of self-harming /dangerous behaviour 


  • An understanding of attachment theory and experience of working therapeutically with CYP have experienced developmental and acute trauma 


  • Experience in providing effective consultation and teaching/training in clinical practice 


  • Experience of working collaboratively with service users and their families/carers 


  • Experience of working collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary team 


  • Detailed understanding of relevant legislation (e.g. Mental Health Act, Mental Capacity Act, Section 25 of the Children’s Act). 


  • Detailed understanding of Safeguarding and experience of its application in practice. 


  • Evidence of an ability to maintain a high degree of professionalism in the face of highly emotive and distressing problems and verbal and physical abuse. 




  • Additional therapeutic training/ post graduate qualification in an evidence based practice suitable to the role, such as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, AMBIT, Psychosocial Interventions, Trauma Focused CBT, EMDR, Systemic Therapy 


  • Experience of working with CYP who are looked after 


  • Experience in community and inpatient provision 


  • Experience of working in secure settings 


  • Experience of work with CYP in Youth Justice settings 


  • Experience of trauma focused, therapeutic parenting models, such as Diadic Developmental Psychotherapy 


  • Experience of working with CYP with neurodevelopmental presentations 


  • Training in and experience of providing Clinical Supervision 





Other requirements: -  


  • Understanding of relevant legislation pertaining to child mental health. 
  • Detailed understanding of Safeguarding and anti-discriminatory practice and its application in practice.  
  • Ability to work outside office hours. 
  • Ability to concentrate for sustained periods of time. 
  • Computer literacy. 
  • Ability to process and analyse data. 
  • Ability to write detailed reports as required and work to tight time schedules. 
  • Ability to work autonomously and tolerate high levels of stress. 
  • Ability to communicate effectively and manage difficult conversations. 


Job Benefits

What our client is offering the successful candidate 

  • Great Salary. 
  • Free training.  

This job role will involve working around vulnerable people therefore your employer may be required to check whether you have a criminal record via the Disclosure and Barring Service (known as a DBS check). You will also be asked questions as part of our self disclosure section on the application form. We operate a fair recruitment process and do not discriminate. Any information you provide will be considered fairly and lawfully.  

We are committed to being an equal opportunities company as are all the companies we work with. All applicants will be considered fairly and free from prejudice or discrimination. 


We are very proud to say that we have signed the mental health at work commitment. We are passionate about mental health and we are dedicated to doing everything we can to promote mental well-being, support people who are struggling and break down the stigmas of mental health problems. We only work with companies who share our beliefs and care for their employees metal health and well-being.

Employment Type
Job Location
London, W10 6EE
Base Salary
£45,000-£50,000 Per year
Date posted
April 19, 2021
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Position: Registered Manager / RMN/RNLD - CAMHS London

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