Social Care Consultants 

Osa Healthcare Recruitment collaborate with Social Care Consultants to tackle recruitment crisis in Management within Health and Social Care

Recruitment in the Health and Social Care sector is experiencing a crisis, exasperated by the Covid-19 Pandemic, many people are opting to leave the care sector and this is leaving a huge shortage of Registered Managers, Nurses, Therapy staff and Support staff across all services from Nursing and Residential Care, Childrens Social Care Services, Learning Disability and Mental Health and Home Care Provisions.

There are many reasons for this such as: Increasing demands from regulators and stakeholders, Stress or Exhaustion, Re-evaluation of life and work/life balance or Opportunities in other sectors with higher and more attractive rates of pay and often much less stress and pressure. However above all the others, the main reason we hear from candidates we speak to who are leaving roles and in the market for new jobs is “Lack of Support” and this is such a shame as it is so easily rectified.

One of our biggest challenges right now is recruiting Registered Managers, across all service types. Under pressure services are losing managers through burnout because the support and mentoring structure is not in place or not robust, A stressed and overwhelmed manager who cannot cope or is absent has the potential to lead to serious harm to your business with a decrease in quality, non compliance with regulatory framework and ultimately lost revenue if service users/residents leave or a restriction is added to the service.

In addition to services under pressure the increased demand for care is seeing new services that are being opened at a staggering rate, Employers are having to offer highly attractive salary packages with all sorts of add on’s including welcome bonus’s, fancy cars and bonus and commission structures just to attract interest from a decreasing pool of experienced managers.

However none of these things guarantee your manager will succeed or stay but together with Social Care Consultants we have created a package of “Recruitment and Support” to minimise these threats and give both your service and your new manager the best opportunity to not just succeed but THRIVE. By utilising our combined experiences you are not only showing your employee you care about their well-being and career but we guarantee in the longer term it is much more cost effective too.

This service is suitable for:

  • Registered Managers who have had poor experiences in previous posts
  • Deputy Managers who wish to step into the role of Registered Manager
  • Experienced Registered Managers who are new to a post in a different aspect of the sector
  • Registered Managers who will work for a provider who wants them to be an outstanding success

From the moment you appoint Osa Healthcare Recruitment and Social Care Consultants to source your new manager we will work closely with Social Care Consultants, they will play a part in the interview process marking the beginning of their relationship with your new manager. Upon appointment and within the first month of joining your team, your matched consultant will visit the service and spend the day with your manager, This will be a regular fixture with further regular meetings scheduled over the following 13 months. The aim is to provide expertise, knowledge, and support to enable the Registered Manager to succeed in the role and in their career. All of Social Care Consultants are subject matter experts, highly experienced in their field of expertise carrying a wealth of knowledge.

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Headucate offer unique training classes around mental health conditions amongst other things. They are run by a highly experienced and qualified clinical nurse. This not only helps us to deepen our understanding of the health and social care sector but it also helps us support the clients we work with to ensure staff are equipped to handle circumstances in the workplace with patients, other staff and their own wellbeing.

Nurse led, bespoke mental health training. 

Jenny is a Clincical Nurse and the founder of Headucate, she collaborates with organisations to empower professionals by enhancing their knowledge of mental health through bespoke, nurse led training and workshops.

She has over 15 years experience and knowledge to share with you and your staff and is able to deliver exciting and memorable workshops giving staff tools they can start to use immediately which in turn will help your organisation.

• First Aid

• Resilience workshops

• Risk management

• Clinical supervision

• Support and guidance for carers

• Person centred care and strengths based approach

• CQC fundamental standards

• Supporting people with depression, anxiety, learning difficulties and autism.

• Mental capacity act.

and much more.
Promoting wellbeing in the workplace with training will help to motivate and empower your team as well as help to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.

To find out more visit 

Headucates website.

Or contact

Jenny Williams BSc (Hons), PGCE
Director & Clinical Lecturer, Headucate Ltd.
Tel: 07956 074 584